My name is Jackie; I'm a Midwesterner who digs on feminism and fat acceptance and intersectionality in those things. I'm in graduate school for English currently. This is my personal blog. I have a fandom dedicated blog at

Things i am grateful got 2/12/14

1. Allison being here and indulging in my ridiculousness
2. Having money to buy makeup i have wanted for months
3. I found my third committee member

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Things I’m grateful for 2/8/14

1. Skype
1a) my best friend
1b) my mom
2. Xfinity
3. Junk food

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credit: side-by-side-by-scifi

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Things I am Grateful for 2/4/14

1. Monica’s first tag when she reblogged my ficlet because it cracked me up and complimented me
2. That great episode of supernatural
3. Not being busy at work so i could get some research done

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Things I am grateful for 2/3/14

1. I wrote 1600+ words today when I’d been having a terribly rough time writing over the weekend
2. The walking dead is on Netflix
3. My mom arrived safely at her destination for vacation

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Gratitude Round Up 2/9-2/11/14

1.My best friends, two of whom were born on this date 24 years ago
2. Potato pancakes 3. Xfinity

1. Being done with class activities by noon
2. Coffee 3.people who upload tv shows online 2/11 1.scarves 2. Catching up with a college friend 3. The encouragement tumblr gives me to write

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Things I’m grateful for 2/7/14

  1. Candles
  2. My undergrad advisor- like, he’s seriously the greatest I wish I could convey how much gratitude I have for him
  3. Living alone
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Things I am grateful for 2/6/14 and was grateful for 2/5/14


  1. My students are willing to tell me when they need something repeated
  2. My class wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be
  3. I have Allison around to take me shopping and hang out and not judge me for stuff


  1. My two clients at the writing center seemed like they wanted to be there despite the fact they’re both required to be there
  2. I got some research done in my down time
  3. Positive feedback on my little ficlets I’m writing. I’ve been grateful for that every time, not just today. 
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my thesis advisor wants a draft by the 20th. I was aiming for the first 

[thesis panic intensifies]

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Things I am grateful for 2/2/14

  1. Not being hungover today
  2. Bread bowls
  3. documentaries on netflix
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